Mark B.

I have been a labor arbitrator for about 35 years and without a doubt, Mr. Schwartz is one of the best attorneys that has ever appeared before me. He is extremely professional and not overbearing like many attorneys can be.

Mr. Schwartz is organized and knows where he wants to go at all times. His openings are very focused and easy to understand and as a result, I have a good sense of his case before any witness is called. His direct and cross examinations are to the point and he does not wander or burden the record. Even when he needs to get information from a hostile or reluctant witness on cross examination, he treats the witness with respect and is able to get what he needs. While most closing briefs are not very helpful to me in making my decisions, not only are Mr. Schwartz’ closing briefs very thoughtful and thorough, but on occasion, his brief has resulted in me changing my mind and finding in his client’s favor.

Whenever Mr. Schwartz is representing a client, I know that the client will be extremely well represented. If I or someone I know needs an attorney, Mr. Schwartz would be at the top of my list.

Chuck H.

A few years ago I was charged with serious felonies. Explaining to my wife how to pull out my retirement and what passwords are necessary for specific accounts in case I went to prison was the most emotional and challenging talk I have ever been in. My son and wife depended on me. My family and I put my life in Michael Schwartz’ hands, and we are glad we did.
In summary, Michael Schwartz put together an assault on the prosecution that ended in victory!

MICHAEL SCHWARTZ ANNIHILATED the Prosecution’s star witness:
Schwartz’ cross-examination was vital in this case and other cases. This is just one of the many weapons in his arsenal.
My former training sergeant, who was also the internal affairs sergeant, took the stand. Schwartz got this TRAINING sergeant to tell the jury that he (the sergeant) disagrees with POST (Peace Officer Training Standards); yes, you read that right. The sergeant’s disagreement obviously had no merit. Schwartz made sure the jury clearly understood the sergeant’s statements were vacuous!

Michael Schwartz also extracted pertinent information from this experienced sergeant to benefit the case. This experienced witness was sweating physically and mentally. At one point in the trial, the segreant was physically showing his frustration, dislike, and defeat through his facial expressions and actions while sitting in his assigned chair. The Judge had to stop the trial and excuse the jury to reprimand him. This was similar to a parent telling a whiny toddler in a highchair to behave (all induced by Michael Schwartz).

Even though Michael Schwartz is a one-man powerhouse, he can pick the best crew to help the case. He tied in David Notowitz, who is Second to None in audio and visual forensics, to tell a non-verbal story with the relevant video footage. Schwartz also associated psychologist/use-of-force expert Dr. Thomas Streed to the case.


Michael Schwartz did not have the easiest facts to deal with and still won. I knew from the start it was a very tough case. His approach was elegant yet dominant. Michael Schwartz prevented me from being taken away by deputies in the courtroom and allowed me to walk out the front door to my son, wife, and all my family. He kept my family intact and made us whole.Before the trial ended and based on what my family saw, my family was so sure that Michael Schwartz “sealed the deal” and that I was in good hands, they kept telling each other and me, “May the Schwartz be with you!

Alyssa B.

I have been a police officer for over 18 years. About 12 years ago, I needed representation to help me deal with an Internal Affairs investigation. Mike Schwartz was assigned to my case. It did not take me long to realize he was a man of remarkable intellect and character. Though I deserved the discipline that awaited me, Mike worked diligently to ensure I received my due process from the initial interview to my Skelly. Mike was empathetic to my situation, but never judgmental. He provided realistic advice, sound opinions, and was respectful of my input as we talked through critical issues. At the conclusion of this case, I was very satisfied with my representation and knew I had found a trusted confidant.

In the following months, I learned Mike was actually one of the best lawyers in the industry, and notably, a legendary trial lawyer. Not only is he highly respected by his peers and clients, but few attorneys have made an impact on the legal industry the way he has. He is a brilliant lawyer, authentic and humble, who delivers tangible results. This is why, in 2018, I did not hesitate to call on Mike a second time when I found myself tied to a work related civil law suit. He again ensured my rights were protected through the process and offered trusted advice. At the conclusion, I was exonerated. I highly recommend Mike Schwartz to anyone in need, and for any reason<.

Kenneth T.

“It is my privilege to write this letter regarding my experience with Michael Schwartz, Attorney at Law. Michael was hired by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association to represented me in 2 employment cases. One of the cases went through appeals to the CA State Personnel Board (SPB). The cases involved multiple allegations, 2 other respondents each with their own attorney’s and took nearly 18 months to resolve.

Michael provided me with outstanding representation during one of the most challenging times in my career. He met with me on very short notice to be sure I was well prepared for the investigatory interviews with Internal Affairs (IA). In addition, we had multiple other meetings. These meetings prepared me for what I could expect and provided me with a better understanding of the process. In every meeting he was always well prepared and knew every detail of my case. He was straight forward regarding what I was up against. It was very clear that he had thoroughly reviewed my case. He was responsive, listened, showed compassion, patient, and had excellent judgement. I was impressed with his breadth of knowledge and his legal expertise.

There was one SPB hearing for me and the other 2 respondents who each had their own attorney. He approached the hearing with a calm confident demeanor. He was clear and concise. His approach to the case was impeccable. When cross examining the state's witnesses he had exceptional recall to point out discrepancies in the statements they made during their IA interviews and their testimony in the hearing. He managed to do this in a respectful non-confrontational manner. He dealt with opposing counsel in a very strategic way. I never once saw him flustered or unprepared. He was looked upon by the other respondents attorney’s to take the lead. The other respondents often told me how impressed they were with how he was handling the hearing. He was encouraging and supportive of the other respondents attorney’s. In my opinion, he won the case for all 3 of us. His representation surpassed my expectations.

I am indebted to Michael for the work he did on my case and for the compassion he showed during the process.”

William C.

The purpose of this of this document is to provide a testimonial of Michael Schwartz during the time in which he represented me in an internal affairs investigation by the Inglewood Police Department.

My career of 25 years in law enforcement was not without adversity. Without the foundation provided by countless mentors, I am confident I would not have been selected for the many positions I held during my career. Field training officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Community Lead Officer, Detective, undercover taskforce Detective, SWAT, Sergeant, Sniper, I worked directly for two Chiefs and the adjutant for three Captains. This career does not reward these positions without a trust, likeability, and a strong reputation. My experience is you don’t get there by mistake. Nonetheless, I had painted myself into a corner over the period of several years, much of which was the result of a problem with alcohol. Every professional courtesy had been extended at all levels, from top to bottom and my best efforts would not provide a resolution to the matter of this investigation this time. In my experience, some cases require an uncompromising attorney and some cases require finesse. My case was going to require both qualities. I was fortunate to have a Captain suggest I call Michael Schwartz, who clearly is an expert in both areas.

We were fighting a termination case for failure to report to duty (taking lunch without proper notification) and a policy violation for leaving the city limits. This particular investigation allowed me to choose different platforms from which I could address a defense. I did not have the expertise or foresight to cautiously navigate a direction that would provide the best possible resolution. Michael Schwartz was able to explain the difficulties of the case and a possible defense. I knew I was in good hands when he forecasted a number of fronts we might face. I knew Michael had my best interest at the forefront of his efforts, this wasn’t about winning a case at the cost of my livelihood. While the case was clearly defendable, I’m confident the journey could be long and frustrating, depending on what areas of the case I decided argue. Michael Schwartz provided an option that was swift and most beneficial to me while addressing a matter personal to me and have a dignified defense. It was only because of his experience and intimate knowledge with the structure of police departments, personalities, and naturally, the law, that he arrived with the best suitable direction.

I retired on an “Industrial Disability Retirement” as a sergeant after more than 25 years of service. The case was resolved without any disciplinary action and I was “Honorably Retired”. Left to my own devices and without the guidance of Michael Schwartz, I suspect a decision to contend every aspect of this case would have resulted in a lengthy, frustrating process which likely would have yielded the same or less desirable result. Fortunately, I can’t speak to that process. I could not be more pleased today with the performance of Michael Schwartz. I have been enjoying the benefits of retirement, while ambitiously pursuing the next chapter of my life.

Angie B.

I first met Michael when I was a young police officer just starting off in my career. As many relationships, I’m sure, meet his acquaintance, I had requested his representation for an Internal Affairs investigation. Michael came highly recommended by many of my senior officers as the “go-to attorney”, “the guy who will represent you to the fullest”, and “I would not want any other attorney to represent me but him”. This first case he represented me on was a complaint from a District Attorney stating I did not prepare for court during a DUI trial, and a case I thought was going to ruin my career. Surely Michael saw the young eager Cop in me, now scared and facing the dreaded future of an investigation and unknown discipline. After discussing the details with him, I knew he was one of us.

Looking back on this case, I know this was small fries compared to the many he has defended officers through, including myself, during my ongoing 17 years as a police officer. Michael never made me feel like representing me was ever too small or big for him. He has represented myself and my husband through use of force cases, alleged misconduct cases, potential termination cases, and other citizen complaints. Michael has never backed down from any of these cases. He is my armor behind my badge. He is honest and upfront, tells it how it is, does not sugar coat where the wrongs are, but he always fights for our rights and for justice. Michael’s reputation has only grown stronger over the years. It is with great honor I tell younger officers, “Michael is not just an attorney, he is another brother in blue.


Prior to having allegations made against me as a Deputy Sheriff of being an accessory to commit murder, I had some knowledge of Mr. Schwartz and how amazing he was as an attorney and defending police officers. Once I was placed on administrative leave the first and only person I could even think of calling was Mr. Schwartz. The reputation he has and has established in our department is of extremely high praise.

Once I was in contact with Mr. Schwartz, he immediately prepared me mentally for the worst. I know this sounds terrible, but honestly it was the best advice and best strategy that he could have taken with me due to what I was facing, even though in the back of my mind I knew without a doubt I did not commit what I was alleged to be doing or have done. However, instead of Mr. Schwartz making something up or telling me everything was going to be “okay,” we were truly in the dark and in the unknown and not having an idea what my department was going to do. Now looking at it years removed from the allegations, it is clear that what Mr. Schwartz prepared me for mentally was exactly what I needed at the time.

Having Mr. Schwartz in my corner (even though I was dealing with stress) I found that he had a way of putting me at ease even though like I said he was preparing me for the worse. Mr. Schwartz’s way of being calm and extremely confident brought a weird sense of being comfortable and at ease while awaiting the outcome of the allegations.

At the end, my case was sent over to the district attorney’s office for review. However, charges were never filed against me. I believe because Mr. Schwartz was defending me and was able to lead me and bring out the true facts of the case to my department and to the District Attorney’s office, they realized that the allegations were unwarranted and somewhat of a “reach” in my opinion.

The best part of Mr. Schwartz was the fact that he always answered my calls, text messages and or emails. Mr. Schwartz kept me informed on what was going on with my case and always kept me informed about his schedule so we could settle any conflicts. Mr. Schwartz was amazing to communicate with and like I mentioned earlier put me at ease which is an incredible feeling to have while going through extremely tough times. I truly recommend Mr. Schwartz for anyone who is looking for someone who will truly defend them.

Thank you!


Sam R.

I had the good fortune to be represented by Michael Schwartz. His representation was thorough, well thought out, tenacious and comprehensive. His legal experience across multiple disciplines proved to be very advantageous. His style of defense is aggressive in a humble and aristocratic way that did not further damage my standing. Not only was he able to mitigate my issue, but he did so in a way that allowed me to reinvent myself with the stakeholders.

Michael Schwartz is the consummate professional. He maintains a strong level of communication with the client, keeping me appraised of the everchanging landscape of my legal matter and allowing me to make strategic decisions along the way. He has a large network of professional legal associates that allowed him to collaborate on potential outcomes. This was a force multiplier of his strength, knowledge, and experience.

Michael Schwartz has a wonderful persona, providing me not only with legal counsel, but a kind and compassionate person to connect with at a time of great duress. I felt as though I was in the best hands throughout my legal conflict. His guidance, defense, and consultation was a great comfort during my time of significant trial.

I would highly recommend Michael Schwartz as a legal representative.

Eric B.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael Schwartz for over 20 years. I got to know Mr. Schwartz when I was in need of legal representation early within my professional career. My request for an attorney was granted and I was paired up with Michael Schwartz. Little did I know at the time that I was being aligned with the best in the business.

Unfortunately I have had other issues arise where I was in need of legal representation. At this time there was no hesitation or question; Michael Schwartz was the man for the job. With each time that I have called upon Michael he has been professional, courteous and attentive.

My experiences with Mr. Schwartz have been nothing short of phenomenal. Just the simple act of needing the services of Mr. Schwartz can be upsetting and nerve-racking. His calm demeanor and experience have the ability to bring assuredness to the most unsettling situations.

Due to his attention to detail, persistence and tenacity Mr. Schwartz has been sought after by many others. He is asked for by name whether the incident be a minor infraction or a career ending offense. In addition to those he represents Michael Schwartz is well respected by those on the opposite end of the table. I have heard first hand from administrators and lawyers who have squared off against him. His reputation precedes him as being a stern but fair litigator.

Aside from knowing Mr. Schwartz professionally I have had a personal relationship with him. From time to time I have picked up the phone to call or text Mr. Schwartz to check in with him. Unlike others in his position, Michael Schwartz is never too busy to answer or respond. In fact, he encourages his former clients to keep in touch with him. This demonstrates the human side of Michael Schwartz to show that he truly cares about who he represents.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak on behalf of Michael Schwartz.

Best regards,

Brian M.

I'm nearing my 30-year mark as a police officer in California. As any officer knows, many hurdles abound in this career. At times, unpleasant and unexpected turns necessitate the professional advice of an attorney.

Many years ago, I was in such a situation and was afforded the fortunate opportunity to meet and be represented by Michael Schwartz. As I got to know Mike, I quickly realized his passionate credibility due to his extensive knowledge base specifically related to representing law enforcement officers in Southern California. I appreciated Mike’s compassion for his job since it directly correlated to the compassion I possessed for being a police officer. I’ve successfully utilized Mike’s legal representation services a handful of times throughout my career. Although these situations are infrequent, I always request Mike to represent me.

Mike is an honest individual who has diligently worked with me to attain the best possible outcome in each of my circumstances. He doesn’t sugar coat things, he tells it like it is. He doesn’t just “talk shop” though; Mike has always been personable and is friendly to talk with. When my wife and I were expecting our first child, Mike even provided some sage advice about getting enough rest once our son arrived.

As I reflect on my entire career, I envision it as a wall constructed of thousands of bricks. Some represent challenges I’ve encountered over the years, some relate to lessons of life skills, while others represent fun or comical experiences I’ve shared with coworkers and friends. Some of those bricks also include my professional and personable interactions with Michael Schwartz, who I consider one of my friends. Although they may have initiated with a personnel complaint investigation at work, Mike has always helped guide me through each process, together, to make the outcome the most acceptable and palatable possible.

Thank you Mike for all your diligent efforts over the years, not just for me, but for all the other officers and deputies you’ve helped. You’ve definitely made a positive imprint in the Southern California law enforcement community!

Gus A.

My name is Gus, and I have been a police officer serving my community for the past 30 years. Michael Schwartz has been my legal representation throughout my career. Throughout my career, I have needed legal representation to protect my rights and my interests from both employment matters and criminal prosecution.

In every case, Mike Schwartz was there for me. The department I worked for accused me of wrong doing which placed my name, my career, and my livelihood in jeopardy. Every time I needed legal representation, Mike Schwartz was there for me every step of the way. I was always felt like I was treated fairly when I was represented by Mike.

I personally know of hundreds of officers who have needed legal representation and assistance to protect their rights from both criminal prosecution and their departments seeking administrative retribution. I have also known officers who were rightfully accused of criminal and and administrative allegations. Either way, Mike was there for them to take care of them through their legal misfortunes. Mike has been there for all of his clients. He explains things in way that is easy to understand and takes care of you. Mike is also the kinda guy who will tell you how it is. He will tell you all of your options and tell how it is and what’s in your best interest.

Just ask anyone, if you need legal representation and want someone who will take care of you and is the best, then don’t talk to anyone about anything until you talk to Mike Schwartz.

Cary C.

Mike Schwartz was recommended to me by some other Police Officers who found themselves in some serious trouble with the system.

I also had an incident that occurred off-duty that sparked an internal affairs investigation against me. This incident was a family issue between my wife and I leading to false allegations from our daughter to the Sheriff's Department, that caused my wife and I to be arrested.

My wife is not a police officer, but I have been a police officer for 23 years. We have been married for 25 years. It has been about 2 years since that incident and our marriage is better now than it has ever been. It took so much changing for both of us, but it is possible.

You see, things happen in family life that can be forgivable. We get past them and move on. The system is not so easy; especially for police officers in these modern days. In many occasions the media seems to stop just short of calling for police officers to be lynched and hung in public.

I needed help. I needed a friend. I needed a person who would listen to me without judgment; without prejudice. I have always had a strong faith in God, and I believed God would send the only person who had the ability, knowledge, and understanding to defend me in that exact moment in time. Mike Schwartz was that man. He stayed with me through the entire process.

I was accused of doing something by my own daughter, who just assumed she knew what happened, when she wasn't even there. There are certain allegations where police officers must make an arrest, by law. I don't blame anybody and I don't hold a heavy heart towards anybody. I do know that I have a new close friend I wouldn't have had if this incident never happened to me. Mike Schwartz made the difference of making those above me see the real truth. I did absolutely nothing wrong. There were no charges filed against me and the Internal Affairs investigation was Unfounded. If I had anybody else other than Mike Schwartz at that point in my life I don't believe things would have turned out the way they did. I am eternally grateful for all he did for me. I don't feel I can ever fully repay him. All I can offer is my promise to be with him if he ever needs me. And For That I Am Truly Thankful.


“Mr. Schwartz is a master of his craft and in today’s turbulent and challenging world of law enforcement, he is the only counselor I would trust with my career and family’s well-being.”

Jess D.

I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to Mr. Schwartz’ for his representation in my Internal Affairs cases. I was accused of inappropriate conduct with a female volunteer several years ago. Mr. Schwartz guided me through the difficult and unfamiliar discipline review process. He made certain only factual information was presented and clarified any questions asked during the interview that were not completely clear.

Mr. Schwartz assisted me again several years later when accused of conducting an unprofessional criminal interview. It was unclear what may have been deemed inappropriate during the interview. Mr. Schwartz stood by my side and once again cleared my name.

I was recently assaulted by an inmate in custody at one of our jails. The assault led to a Use of Force encounter. I was injured during another assault shortly thereafter and placed on 4850. A representative from my department contacted me while on 4850 on more than one occasion and asked if I would make myself available for an interview, on my own time. Mr. Schwartz intervened on my behalf once again and informed me of my rights while on 4850.

Law enforcement professionals face both criminal and civil liability every day while performing their duties. When internal affairs investigations are conducted it feels as though you are all alone with no one to support you. Investigations can cause tremendous stress regardless of how innocent an officer may be. Mr. Schwartz was a true blessing to me. Whenever he enters an interview or discipline review board at your side, you can be confident you are being represented by the absolute best!

Thank you again Mr. Schwartz on behalf of me and my family. I feel incredibly blessed to have been represented by you. Words cannot accurately explain my gratitude. Sincerely,

William P.

First, a big thank you for all of your hard work.

Your dedication made all the difference during a rough trial in my career. Your representation and guidance allowed me to be exonerated of all charges and continue serving my community with my head held high. You were willing to speak with me at every turn and, no matter what cases came, you always took the time to talk with me.

To any person who needs the same representation and needs someone to charge head on with them, I can only think to recommend Michael Schwartz.

He consistently gives his all to every case I have been involved with, from witnessing to testimonies. His advice is clear and sound, and has not steered me wrong.

My highest commendations to Michael Schwartz for his dedication to every case he works, not just on my behalf, but for every person he represents.

Alisha R.

Several years ago, the sheriff’s department I am currently employed with, was under enhanced scrutiny. This meant every use of force was looked at carefully, and the deputies involved found themselves answering for actions which would have been previously justified without an in depth investigation.

Unfortunately, I soon became the focus of an administrative investigation involving a use of force. It became apparent very quickly, I was possibly facing termination and possible criminal charges.

For a peace officer, facing criminal charges is likely the most devastating and unnerving situation to face. When I found myself in this situation, I knew I needed the best attorney I could get.

I was familiar with the work Michael Schwartz did on the case involving a high profile officer involved shooting by a deputy on my department. I knew Michael Schwartz was well known amongst the deputies on my department as “the one to call”.

I met with Mr. Schwartz and was immediately confident I had chosen the right attorney. He was confident and realistic. He prepared me for the battle that lie ahead. During my Deputy Chief hearing, I could sense Mr. Schwartz was revered by the opposition. I had heard these panel type hearings can feel like being outnumbered in a fight for your livelihood. It was. However, I was not alone. Mr. Schwartz argued my case with professionalism, determination and tenacity.

Thankfully, I was not charged with a crime. I received a fair administrative discipline and was pleased with the outcome. I am certain if Michael Schwartz was not on my side, the sequence of events would have proved unfavorable for me.

I have been a client of Mr. Schwartz for subsequent issues I have faced. I have the utmost admiration for the work and dedication Mr. Schwartz provides his clients. His reputation within my department is stellar.

Nick D.

One of a kind! Mike dedicated four years to my case. Mike’s chemistry with his team systematically built my case allowing a jury to walk in my shoes and help them understand my mindset during the incident. He choreographed an international expert to testify on my behalf. Ultimately Mike was able to show in detail my side of the story, which others refused to accept.

During our time together Mike was always available for my questions. If I didn’t understand a tactic or process, Mike explained it to me in terms I could understand. Mike is compassionate and empathetic, always checking in on me and my family. Mike’s understanding of the law, humble heart and years of experience has earned him the highest respect among Judges, Attorneys and experts nationwide. It’s hard to put into words how much Mike’s professionalism and friendship still means to my family! With all my heart, Thank You my friend.

Jay C.

I was a veteran Police Officer involved in a life changing event while in the performance of my duties. Before I knew it, my case had become highly politicized, highly publicized, and continued to snowball day by day. I was quickly thrust into having to defend my actions and subsequently charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Excessive Force while in the performance of my duties. The incident was captured on video. A few months after the incident date, in August of 2011, I met Michael Schwartz for the first time. I quickly realized that I was paired with an attorney who not only first and foremost wanted to represent me to the best of his ability, but also possessed the maturity, compassion and experience to be attentive to my daily concerns, while balancing the stress of preparing for a high-profile case that was in the news cycle on a daily basis.

This particular case was highly complex due to video evidence of the incident and multiple medical experts weighing in on the cause of death. The County spent an unlimited amount of money in preparing for the case while hiring multiple experts in the field of medicine and use of force. The County District Attorney did not make it a secret that he’d spare no expense to convict me. Michael spent countless hours analyzing and dissecting the video frame by frame as he identified multiple deficiencies and false claims argued by the prosecution. The prosecution called no less than 3 separate high profile medical experts to present their conclusions. Under cross examination, Michael was able to disprove their testimony by methodically debunking their conclusions one question at a time.

Michael was extremely communicative with me throughout my defense, as well. He also maintained an open mind and could quickly identify when someone had information that may be an important piece to our case. He literally left no stone went unturned. His attention to detail was remarkable and his ability to quickly identify strategies and paths moving forward proved to be one of his many strengths. Michael was also refreshingly realistic, never providing false hope, keeping the defense team well-grounded. During the trial, he proved himself to be an excellent trial attorney by quickly formulating cross examinations on the fly and covering all deficiencies in the prosecutions case. His ability to communicate in the courtroom and to the jury was outstanding. He was able to build momentum during his lines of questioning while keeping the jury on the edge of their seats as though he was telling a story. He identified each piece of evidence that was being misrepresented and provided the true and actual narrative to fit the evidence in record. His closing argument was classified as poetic by many in the media and brought the courtroom to tears as he told the true story. My case was concluded in January 2014. I truly believe that because of Michael Schwartz, I received a “Not Guilty” verdict within hours of deliberation after an almost two month trial.

Finally, Michael’s honesty and professionalism are what make him stand out as a top tier member of his profession and the reason why I have recommended his services to many others as a result of my own personal experience.

Jessi P.

Mr. Schwartz was very well- prepared before every meeting we had. He took the time to discuss all of my options and the different angles we might come across . I never felt rushed.  I was always comfortable. I could tell I was in the presence of an expert  Although I was not accustomed to being investigated, I attribute my comfort to his demeanor; his warmth and confident approach as well as  his professionalism.  Many of my partners were represented by Mr. Schwartz.  It was a blanket statement we shared.  We were in good hands if he was handling our case.

Chris H.

“Where to begin? Let me start by saying this, no matter what I write for this review won’t even come close to explaining how great Mike Schwartz is.

From the moment I met Mike, he was professional, you could immediately tell he was a man of honor, courage, and commitment. Mike answered all my questions I had, made me feel comfortable and confident. Throughout the entire process of the investigation by my employer, he made sure I knew my rights, but more importantly he made sure my agency knew my rights and that he was there to make sure my agency didn’t violate them.

Mike always answered my phones calls, text messages, or emails. I got lucky to have such a great attorney, someone who was experienced, knowlegdable, and determined.

Mike, I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me in the past and always checking on me even after everything was done.

I’ve had to use Mike on a couple different occasions with all excellent outcomes. I laugh and tell people I have Mike on speed dial.

Lastly, if anyone of my colleagues asks about an attorney, I recommend Mike Schwartz, because not only is he the BEST Attorney, he’s a great guy.

Thanks for everything Mike!

Your Friend,


My professional practice consists entirely of serving as a third-party neutral, primarily as an arbitrator or a hearing officer. I became acquainted with Michael Schwartz in that capacity more than fifteen years ago. My role precludes any social interaction with advocates who appear before me, save the off-the-record casual repartee that takes place during a proceeding, and my knowledge of Mr. Schwartz and my remarks are based on my observation of him in his professional capacity.

Since I first encountered Mr. Schwartz I have had several opportunities to observe his professionalism and technical competence as an advocate.

Mr. Schwartz is always thoroughly prepared and ready to represent his client. His temperament and demeanor towards opposing counsel, witnesses, and the trier of fact is at all times professional and respectful. His advocacy skills are remarkably outstanding. He exhibits a clear grasp of his case theory and deftly uses that knowledge and his skills when engaged in examining and cross-examining witnesses. His questioning is concise and precise, and his cross examination is admirable in its ability to extract relevant information. His formulation of his case theory and his arguments reflects a thorough knowledge of applicable laws. During my approximately thirty-five year career I have presided in several hundreds of cases and I can confidently attest that Mr. Schwartz is one of the most competent advocates to have appeared before me.

Respectfully yours,

Chad J.

I would like to write a brief testimonial and acknowledge the incredible work and passion that my attorney Michael Schwartz put in on my Federal Case in 2019.

In October 2017, I was wrongfully indicted on Federal Charges stemming from a Use-of-Force incident at the Los Angeles County Fair in September 2015.  From the moment I was notified of the indictment and even prior to this time, Mr. Schwartz has worked tirelessly to prove my innocence and secure my freedom.  During preparation for the Federal Trial, Mr. Schwartz was aggressive in locating and finding facts related to the case as well as spending countless hours prepping me for trial testimony.

I was always particularly impressed with his tenacity and knowledge of the law and its application to my case.  Mr. Schwartz’ ability to clearly present these facts to the jury in my case was the reason that I am free today.  Not only does Mr. Schwartz have an incredible work ethic, but he also had a remarkable way of keeping me calm and focused on the trial.  He always took the time to show his genuine caring disposition for my personal well-being and that of my family.

I could not have asked for a greater person to fight for my defense in the courtroom.  Through the hundreds of hours researching and preparation to the days and weeks inside the courtroom, I was always comforted to know that I had Michael Schwartz in my corner.  He consistently proved his reputation and record to be an accurate and a true representation of his skills as a litigator and his character as a human being.

My family and I are forever in his debt and will always appreciate the tireless and compassionate manner in which he defended my freedom and allowed me to enjoy the freedom that I have today.


Jim U.

When faced with my Employment investigation, I felt lonely, isolated, and devalued. I needed an attorney, but also knew most attorneys merely view clients as a paycheck, not as a person.

This is not the case with Michael Schwartz. Michael is rare gift. He’s the perfect blend of empathy and authority. He not only knows how to win employment and criminal cases, he causes his clients to walk away with restored feelings self-confidence, worth, and hope.

Jay T.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mike Schwartz both in a personal and professional capacity over the last 20 years. Most attorneys deliver inconsistent and varying results at best. Mike Schwartz is the exception. Unequivocally, his attentiveness, attention to detail, care, compassion, vision, experience, commitment, follow through and common sense approach to legal services is unparalleled in the industry. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position where either your liberty and/or livelihood is called into jeopardy, don’t place your future in the hands of just any legal advocate. Mike Schwartz consistently gets the job done effectively and with desired results. He has a long and proven track record with a solid reputation that clearly speaks for itself.