We spend the better part of our days, in fact, our lives, at work. It’s not only our livelihood, it’s our hopes for the future, our and our loved ones’ futures. No one should feel stressed to go to work. Discrimination is not only wrong, it’s debilitating, crushing. Being harassed, abused or mistreated at the workplace affect not only a person’s job, it affects their self-confidence, their self-esteem. It affects their soul.

No one should feel they’ve stopped living simply to make a living.

For twenty years Michael Schwartz has defended employees in the work place, fighting for their rights both in court and in arbitration hearings. His experience, knowledge,and track record are, simply, second to none.

Michael has represented employees in issues of sexual harassment, hostile work environment, whistleblower as well as race and age discrimination.

Employment Law

“Throughout the entire process of the investigation by my employer, he made sure I knew my rights, but more importantly he made sure my agency knew my rights and that he was there to make sure my agency didn’t violate them.
Mike always answered my phones calls, text messages, or emails. I got lucky to have such a great attorney, someone who was experienced, knowlegdable, and determined.”

Chris H.

“Not only is he highly respected by his peers and clients, but few attorneys have made an impact on the legal industry the way he has. He is a brilliant lawyer, authentic and humble, who delivers tangible results. This is why, in 2018, I did not hesitate to call on Mike a second time when I found myself tied to a work related civil law suit. He again ensured my rights were protected through the process and offered trusted advice. At the conclusion, I was exonerated. I highly recommend Mike Schwartz to anyone in need, and for any reason.”
Alyssa B.

“Michael represented me in 2 employment cases. One of the cases went through the State employee appeals process to the CA State Personnel Board (SPB). The cases involved multiple allegations, 2 other respondents each with their own attorney’s and took nearly 18 months to resolve.

Michael provided me with outstanding representation during one of the most challenging times in my career. There was one SPB hearing for me and the other 2 respondents who each had their own attorney. He approached the hearing with a calm confident demeanor. He was clear and concise. His approach to the case was impeccable. When cross examining the state’s witnesses he had exceptional recall to point out discrepancies in the statements they made during their IA interviews and their testimony in the hearing. He managed to do this in a respectful non-confrontational manner. He dealt with opposing counsel in a very strategic way. I never once saw him flustered or unprepared. He was looked upon by the other respondents attorney’s to take the lead. The other respondents often told me how impressed they were with how he was handling the hearing. He was encouraging and supportive of the other respondents attorney’s. In my opinion, he won the case for all 3 of us. His representation surpassed my expectations.

I am indebted to Michael for the work he did on my case and for the compassion he showed during the process.”
Kenneth T.

“A few years ago I was terminated from my job and charged with a crime. Immediately, I consulted with an attorney out of the Inland Empire (IE) area to see what my options were. The IE attorney was very helpful and willing to represent me, but surprisingly, he referred me to Michael Schwartz. After contacting and explaining my situation to Michael, he agreed to represent me and quickly went to work. Throughout the process (both criminal and employment), Michael showed extreme compassion and empathy toward my situation. Michael was also very knowledgeable, professional, and easily accessible. In the end, I was not only fully acquitted of the charge, but Michael also got me my job back, to boot! I’ve since then returned to work AND have been promoted! Thank you again, Michael!”
Christopher L.

“Mike’s understanding of the law, humble heart and years of experience has earned him the highest respect among Judges, Attorneys and experts nationwide. It’s hard to put into words how much Mike’s professionalism and friendship still means to my family! With all my heart, Thank You my friend.”
Nick D.

“My experiences with Mr. Schwartz have been nothing short of phenomenal. Just the simple act of needing the services of Mr. Schwartz can be upsetting and nerve-racking. His calm demeanor and experience have the ability to bring assuredness to the most unsettling situations.

Due to his attention to detail, persistence and tenacity Mr. Schwartz has been sought after by many others. He is asked for by name whether the incident be a minor infraction or a career ending offense. In addition to those he represents Michael Schwartz is well respected by those on the opposite end of the table. I have heard first hand from administrators and lawyers who have squared off against him. His reputation precedes him as being a stern but fair litigator.”
Eric B.

“His advocacy skills are remarkably outstanding. During my approximately thirty-five year career I have presided in several hundreds of cases and I can confidently attest that Mr. Schwartz is one of the most competent advocates to have appeared before me.”

Relationships are built on trust. Let’s be blunt. For many people, it’s hard to “trust” your lawyer, to trust any lawyer. As past clients, opposing counsel, arbitrators and judges can attest, you CAN trust The Michael Schwartz Firm. You can trust our skills, knowledge, experience and dedication. And you can also trust that we know how important your case is to you. It’s not just your job, it’s how you provide for your family. It’s your life. We know that. And we take that trust, that faith in us, seriously. We won’t let you down.

Want to know more about your rights as an employee? Discrimination in the work place? Hostile work environment? Educate yourself. Know your rights.

Call us.

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