When accidents happen, most of us get up, wipe ourselves off, make sure no one is looking. The embarrassment can sometimes be worse than the fall.

But what happens when it’s not? What happens when the fall or the car accident becomes not embarrassing, but tragic? You didn’t do anything wrong, but someone else did. And now you’ve got to suffer the consequences of someone else’s negligence? You have to suffer pain, lost wages, lost hopes and dreams because someone else wasn’t acting responsibly? How is that right? How is that fair?

It’s not. And believe it or not, that’s what lawyers are for. The right lawyers. Caring, experienced, tenacious.

The Michael Schwartz Firm

Having spent over twenty seven years in the courtroom, arbitration hearings, not many attorneys can boast Michael Schwartz’s depth and breadth of experience. You don’t just want someone who can write a letter for you in ten minutes and call it a day. You want experience and attention you can trust. What good is a letter if someone can’t back it up in court?

Personal Injury

The answer: it’s worthless.

Insurance companies are ruthless. They’ll spend money to save money. And they do their research. Who is this attorney? Is he bluffing? Does he just know how to write a letter, or can he back it up in court?

Michael has reviewed, analyzed and litigated literally hundreds of traffic accidents and assaults, even wrongful death claims. His knowledge of body mechanics and how injuries can occur is second to none.

Moreover, in this age of cell phone videos, surveillance cameras and “Ring,” much of our lives is memorialized on video. That means, if your accident was on video, or caught on audio, that’s evidence in your case. With a background in broadcast television, and having been called upon to analyze and dissect video evidence in some of the most high profile cases in Southern California, no one is better suited than Michael to analyze your case and fight for your rights.

“I work closely with hundreds of attorneys per year. Some attorneys are impressive and some leave me feeling badly for anyone who might hire them. If I ever personally need an attorney, Michael Schwartz is the first person I would call. I would BEG him to represent me. He cares deeply, he stays focused on the evidence and goals, and he has brilliant tactics and strategies. There is no one I could recommend more highly.”
David Notowitz, President, National Center for Audio and Video Forensics ( NCAVF )

When the other side refuses to take responsibility, a letter is not enough. Insurance companies thrill in calling a lawyer’s bluff. Michael Schwartz doesn’t bluff. He’s for real. He’s spent twenty seven years backing it up in court, cross-examining experts into corners.

It’s time to have him in your corner.

Have you, someone in your family or someone else you know suffered an injury that could have, and should have been avoidable if the party responsible had simply acted responsibly? You don’t just want a letter, you want a lawyer!

Rated in the top 5% of attorneys practicing in Southern California 2016-2019 by SuperLawyers and LA Magazine.