Being arrested and charged with a crime is probably one of the scariest situations a person can experience. G-d forbid that should happen to any of us but, if it does, it’s not a time to cut corners. Your liberty, your future, everything you’ve worked for, hangs in the balance. You need an attorney with the experience, passion, and actual track record to get you through it.

Look no further.

The Michael Schwartz Firm

Michael Schwartz began his legal career twenty seven years ago as a Deputy Public Defender in Ventura and Riverside Counties where he litigated more than one-hundred fifty jury trials to verdict. For the past twenty years he has focused on representing peace officers in some of the toughest and most noteworthy, high profile criminal cases venued in Southern California.

Described by the California Daily Journal as, ‘an extraordinary talent,’ and, ‘world class lawyer,’ and by retired Assistant Riverside Public Defender Jorge Alvarado as, “one of the best trial lawyers I’ve ever seen, “Michael’s recent trial victories include the full acquittal of Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Luke Liu for manslaughter, the first law enforcement officer charged with an on-duty shooting in Los Angeles county in twenty years;” the full acquittal of Pomona Corporal Chad Jensen in Federal Court for excessive force and obstruction of justice; Huntington Park Police Officer Marissa Larios for three counts of child abuse and excessive force; Indio police officer Charles Holloway for Felony Excessive Force; Corporal Jay Cicinelli in the nationally publicized Kelly Thomas Murder trial, the successful defense of San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy Ivory Webb in the nationally publicized video-taped on-duty shooting; San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff Richard Heverly charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Threats; and CHP officer Chris Lang charged with excessive force during an arrest.

For twenty years when the cops got in trouble, they knew who to turn to. Now you can, too.

Judges and prosecutors all over Southern California have come to know, and respect, Michael’s courtroom prowess as well as his professionalism and passion for his clients. In his 27 years, he’s litigated nearly every kind of criminal case, from murder, sexual assault and child abuse to DUIs, petty theft and minor in possession of alcohol. Not many attorneys in the state can boast his breadth and depth of experience and expertise.

Here’s what some of his clients had to say:

“The County District Attorney did not make it a secret that he’d spare no expense to convict me. Michael spent countless hours analyzing and dissecting the video frame by frame as he identified multiple deficiencies and false claims argued by the prosecution. The prosecution called no less than 3 separate high profile medical experts to present their conclusions. Under cross examination, Michael was able to disprove their testimony by methodically debunking their conclusions one question at a time. His attention to detail was remarkable and his ability to quickly identify strategies and paths moving forward proved to be one of his many strengths. His closing argument was classified as poetic by many in the media and brought the courtroom to tears as he told the true story. I truly believe that because of Michael Schwartz, I received a “Not Guilty” verdict within hours of deliberation after an almost two month trial.
Jay C.

“In August of 2016 I was accused of sexual assault. I was eventually charged with three sexual assault crimes, all felonies. Although I was nervous and scared, I was extremely confident with Michael as my advocate. He was very professional and detailed when we met. As the trial neared, we met on a more consistent basis and it was evident Michael was extremely focused on my case and was prepared for trial. He developed a great strategy which again gave me more confidence as the trial went forward.
After the first day of testimony, Michael was able to masterfully catch the alleged victim in several lies. His court manner and demeanor were extremely impressive and I quickly learned why he was labeled a “super lawyer,” a label I believe is completely deserved. Michael was also great when it came to his cross examination of the case investigator and the cross examination of the experts called upon by the district attorney’s office.
It took less than one day for the jury the return of verdict of not guilty of the three charges filed against me by the district attorney’s office. I don’t know what outcome may have been if Michael Schwartz did not represent me, and I really don’t care to think of one. I feel without Michael advocating for me, things may not have concluded the way they did.”

Sergio R.

“I was always particularly impressed with his tenacity and knowledge of the law and its application to my case. Mr. Schwartz’ ability to clearly present these facts to the jury in my case was the reason that I am free today. Not only does Mr. Schwartz have an incredible work ethic, but he also had a remarkable way of keeping me calm and focused on the trial. He always took the time to show his genuine caring disposition for my personal well-being and that of my family.
I could not have asked for a greater person to fight for my defense in the courtroom. Through the hundreds of hours researching and preparation to the days and weeks inside the courtroom, I was always comforted to know that I had Michael Schwartz in my corner. He consistently proved his reputation and record to be an accurate and a true representation of his skills as a litigator and his character as a human being.
My family and I are forever in his debt and will always appreciate the tireless and compassionate manner in which he defended my freedom and allowed me to enjoy the freedom that I have today.”

Chad J.

When your freedom and future is on the line, it’s not time to cut corners. Experience, knowledge, track record. The choice is simple: Michael Schwartz.

Rated in the top 5% of attorneys practicing in Southern California 2016-2019 by SuperLawyers and LA Magazine.