Let’s face it, if you’re looking for a lawyer, there’s a problem. No one goes to a lawyer, like a doctor, just for a check up. You need help. Legal help. And you need it now.

But like a doctor, lawyers seem to live in a different world. In the legal world, the language consists of laws, codes, procedures, court cases. It can be intimidating and scary. It’s not a world most people have any experience in.

We do. 27 years of experience. 27 years in court, in arbitration hearings. 27 years of passionately, tenaciously and humanely representing people in need. People who couldn’t, and shouldn’t try to navigate that world, the legal system, alone.

You’re not alone. Not anymore. At The Michael Schwartz Firm, our mission is to make sure you get the best representation possible. From the initial consultation through all facets of litigation, you will be well-informed of the progress of your case, the issues involved, and the choices you have. It’s your case, your life, after all. And you’ll know from the start you’re with an expert who’s been in the trenches, knows the law, the facts, the best strategies, tactics and approaches for you.

Representation you can rely on.
Experience you can trust.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mike Schwartz both in a personal and professional capacity over the last 20 years. Most attorneys deliver inconsistent and varying results at best. Mike Schwartz is the exception.

Unequivocally, his attentiveness, attention to detail, care, compassion, vision, experience, commitment, follow through and common sense approach to legal services is unparalleled in the industry.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position where either your liberty and/or livelihood is called into jeopardy, don’t place your future in the hands of just any legal advocate.

Mike Schwartz consistently gets the job done effectively and with desired results. He has a long and proven track record with a solid reputation that clearly speaks for itself.
Jay T.

“When faced with my employment investigation, I felt lonely, isolated, and devalued. I needed an attorney, but also knew most attorneys merely view clients as a paycheck, not as a person.

This is not the case with Michael Schwartz. Michael is a rare gift. He’s the perfect blend of empathy and authority. He not only knows how to win employment and criminal cases, he causes his clients to walk away with restored feelings self-confidence, worth, and hope.”

Jim U.